Tuesday, 5 March 2013


M.O.P. Vaishnav College's biggest cultural extravaganza of the year. JIF stands for Jhankar and Intelligentia Fest. :)

Short Film Making
  • There is no theme for short film.
  • The short film should not be more than 8 minutes
  • The film should be mailed to studentcabinet2011.2012@gmail.com with the college name and the name of the participant before 20th of January.
  • Or you can send us the link of your film on YouTube.
  • Films in languages apart from English have to be accompanied by subtitles.
  • Refrain from obscenity, excessive violence, photo slides. Avoid remixes advertisements and spoofs.
  • The script should be genuine.
Western Dance
  • 6-8 participants per team (onstage)
  • Time: 6 minutes
  • Pick any western style.
  • Submit music CD as per the rules.

Classical Dance
  • 2 participants per team (onstage)
  • Theme: Raasa leela
  • Time: 3 minutes
  • No fusion or cine tunes permitted.

Solo Singing
  • 1 participant per team
  • Time : 4 minutes
  • No restrictions on the choice of song/language
  • The track CD has to be brought by the Participant
  • Cine tunes are allowed.

Classical Music
  • 2-3 musicians per team
  • Theme : Devotion
  • Time: 3 minutes
  • Shruthi box is compulsory
  • No fusion or cine tunes permitted.
  • Purity of the art form has to be maintained.

Western Music
  • 6-8 musicians per team (onstage)
  • Time: 6 minutes
  • Usage of pre recorded beats are strictly not allowed.

Light Music
  • 6-8 participants per team
  • Time: 6 minutes
  • Usage of pre recorded beats is strictly not allowed

Mumbo Jumbo
  • A fusion of music and lyrics. Ex: who let the dogs out lyrics infused in chandramukhi ra ra tune.
  • 4 participants per team
  • Time: 4 minutes.
  • One entire song should be performed

  • 2 participants per College.
  • Format of the event will be at the judge's discretion.

Elevator Pitching
  • The participant has to convince the judge about her marketing strategy for the product.
  • 1 participant per team
  • Time - 2 minutes per participant
  • The product will be Gobar Agarbathi

Voice Over
  • The participants will have to prepare an audio advertisement (radio) for a product along with a jingle.
  • 4 participants per team
  • Time : 1 minute
  • Product: Invisible Mirror
  • Instruments are allowed
  • Usage of pre recorded beats is strictly not allowed

Master of Ceremonies(MC)
  • An event that tests the participant's role as a Master of Ceremony and checks for spontaneity and creativity.
  • 1 participant per team
  • Time -3 minutes
  • Language : English/Tamil

M.O.P. Box Speaker
  • One participant per College.
  • Time: 3 mins
  • Topic is LOKPAL BILL

  • The Quiz will be on general topics
  • 3 participants per team

  • A specific event will be given for which the team will have to chalk out a budget.
  • 2 participants per team
  • The topic will be given on the spot
  • Calculators are allowed.

Business Proposal
  • 3 participants per team
  • Time: 7 minutes for presentation, 3 minutes to answer questions

Stress Interview
  • Mock Interview
  • 1 participant per team
  • Prelims will be a group discussion round
  • Finals- interview session.
  • A resume needs to be submitted at the time of interview
  • Interview time varies depending on the judges (average of 5-10 minutes)

Blog Writing
  • 2 participants per College.
  • Time: Half an hour.
  • Word limit : 750 words
  • Language: English
  • Participant will be given a situation for which a blog entry has to be written.

Comic Strip
  • Participants create a 10-segment comic strip.
  • Theme: Superhero Adventures
  • Solo event
  • All materials to be brought by participant

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